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Protect Data at the Rack

Cyberattacks are growing in prominence every day, and the role they play in our daily lives should not be underestimated. According to a University of Maryland study, a hacker attacks a computer with internet access every 39 seconds, affecting one in three people every year. With this information, the importance of having both digital and physical security to protect data at the rack in your data center is indisputable.

Combat Human Error

Combat Human Error


Human error is undeniably one of the biggest issues that impacts data centers. 22% of all outages are caused by active human error. When latent human error is added, the total goes up to a staggering 70%. Some easy to use practices to help combat human error are the use of color-coded cords. This helps to identify essential resources along with preventing accidental disconnects.

Protect Data

Protect Data with Physical Security


Taking all necessary action to help protect sensitive data is a must in today’s digital world. Raritan Intelligent PDUs support many physical securities such as intelligent door locks, asset management tags and sensors. These door locks prevent unauthorized access to one or many racks within a data center, while asset management tags and sensors keep track of your mission critical IT equipment. You can also connect a USB webcam with proximity sensors to see who is accessing a rack in real-time.

Protect Data with Digital Security

Protect Data with Digital Security


Utilizing physical security is an excellent way of preventing internal threats, but the more common type of attacks happens externally via the internet. Raritan Intelligent PDUs not only help with internal threats but offer a vast amount of protection to prevent external intrusion. They are equipped with the latest network security protocols, the most diverse options for user authentication, management with strict password policies, and leverage best in class data encryption methods.


Unfortunately, in today’s world, cyberattacks, data breaches, and identity theft are all too common. Raritan PDUs are engineered to prevent and combat these with extended functionality to protect your most valuable resource – data. If you are interested in learning more about other problem-solving capacities of an intelligent PDU, start exploring below:

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