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Legrand United Kingdom

Reliable, efficient & scalable data center solutions

Empower your data center with our cutting-edge, highly customizable solutions designed for maximum performance and energy efficiency. 

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Reliable, Sustainable & Scalable Data Center Solutions

Legrand stands as a steadfast ally in the data center realm, boasting over three decades of specialized experience. In the recent decade, through strategic acquisitions, we've significantly broadened our product range and deepened our expertise, positioning us to offer comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions. Amidst the fast-paced evolution of data centers, driven by the surge in AI and IoT technologies, Legrand consistently leads the charge—embracing innovation, adapting with agility, and establishing robust partnerships to address the shifting demands of this dynamic industry.

Powered By Expert Brands

Our data center solutions are powered by expert brands, incorporating industry leading technologies and innovations to ensure optimal performance and reliability. With award-winning solutions from strong data center players, you benefit from optimal uptime of mission-critical operations. Our local specialists design and build innovative solutions, including enclosures, cooling, power, structured cabling, and access management, to meet your exact requirements.

With a portfolio of specialist brands and a knowledge-driven approach, we are able to offer tailored solutions that deliver maximum efficiency and reliability.

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You're in good company!

Legrand's specialist brands lead in data center innovation. Join us now to benefit from decades of expertise.

It’s not only about a product, there is so much more to it – like the relationship, knowledge sharing and creating a win-win situation.

Peder Nærbø
President and Founder of Bulk Infrastructure AS

Think global, act local

Legrand and its expert brands span the globe, offering local support to tackle todays global challenges, providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs in any location.

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